Spring Newsletter Information

We're so excited that spring is just around the corner with all the freshness it brings. What's more, we're excited to see some of you who may have taken a break from dancing! Join us some Sunday afternoon for a Tea Dance, or come back and see us for group classes or private lessons once again.

Sunday Tea Dances

We will be hosting our regular Sunday afternoon Tea Dances from 2-5 p.m. Admission is $7/person and includes all the music, dancing and socializing you can fit into the three-hour window. Two exceptions to the regular schedule are:

  • March 17
  • May 26

These dates are posted on the website if you need a reminder. You can come dance, but you may be dancing in the parking lot to whatever is on your radio.

Private Lessons

Now is the best time to get in for private lessons if you're so inclined. Private lessons give you one-on-one attention to fix those steps that aren't coming as easily as they once did, add some finesse and style to something that may feel a little clunky, or to add to your repertoire. They also work really well for special events (anniversaries, birthday surprises, wedding prep), since we don't follow a curriculum. We'll work with you to make sure you make the most of your time. Lessons are $50/hour. Call Wayne at 309.824.4007 to make arrangements.

Private Group Sessions

Did you know you can arrange your own private group class? If you're looking to socialize with a group of friends—maybe to get ready for a vacation or wedding—there's no better place than the Wrainbow. Come downtown for lessons, grab dinner or a beverage after class, and spend time with your friends. Call Wayne at 309.824.4007 for more information and availability.

Spring 2019 Classes

Classes begin the week of March 25 and will extend into June due to some instructor travel. All classes start at 6:30 and last 60-90 minutes. Tuition is $150/person for the 10-week series. You can pay half the first week of classes, and the balance during week 6. Cash or check only, please. Class pre-registration is now available.

  • Mondays (3/25-6/3): Beginning Ballroom, Level 1 (Swing/Foxtrot/Rumba/Waltz/Cha Cha/Polka)
  • Tuesdays (3/26-6/11): Masters' (Samba Review/Foxtrot/TBD)
  • Wednesdays (3/27-6/5): Beginning Night-Club Two-Step
  • Thursdays (3/28-6/6): Fourth Course/Pre-Masters' (Samba/Night Club Two-Step/Swing)

We'll see you dancing soon!

Wayne and Jen