June 2020 Update

There are no words. There just isn't an easy way to express what is on our hearts and minds right now. There is only a combination of love, pride and grief.

For nearly 25 years, teaching at the Wrainbow has brought great joy and love. Sharing our passion and hobby with all of you--and watching you take those lessons and steps—and use and adapt them to your own styles—has given a sense of accomplishment and appreciation. You come back knowing you'll never 'graduate', because of the relationships you've established with classmates and the joy of dancing together. You return to learn new patterns and have memories triggered about forgotten ones. For many of you, dance class has become a date night activity, a physical and mental activity you enjoy, with the interplay and teasing of your neighbors and friends as an added bonus. We appreciate the love so many of you expressed a few weeks ago when we asked thoughts on coming back together.

You do us proud with the bonds you've grown over time. Some "young'uns" have stepped right in and formed relationships with the veteran dancers, and others have aged into that veteran category, which is a testimony to your dedication. We're also proud of the way you represent the studio when you dance socially and attend events. You have been our best business cards over the years, referring friends and acquaintances.

At the same time, there's a sense of sadness and grief on two levels. One, that we can't be dancing now, and two that we had to make a difficult decision to close the studio. The coronavirus and the uncertainty around what the next normal will look like influenced this decision. Many of you, our friends, are at increased risk, and we can't risk your health. It wouldn't be responsible to reopen until we can invite you back with confidence that everyone would be safe. At the same time, we can't keep the studio closed indefinitely and continue to cover all the business expenses without any source of income.

We will take the month of June to close things down at the studio. But we know this won't be the end of dancing for you, nor are we going anywhere. We will see each other dancing in the future, and we are available for private lessons. We will keep the website up at least through the end of the year, and will be accessible via email at this address or by phone/text (309.824.4007). We are more than happy to make arrangements that are feasible for you.

We also plan to host a 25th anniversary celebration, probably at our home, later this summer. Look for more details to follow, but you can expect it will be another opportunity to dance and safely catch up with your dance friends. Thank you for your enthusiasm, support, and generosity over the years. You're a caring and welcoming group of people who mean a lot to us.