Private Lessons at the Wrainbow

Private ballroom dance lessons provide the opportunity to select which dances you want to learn. We will teach you as much as you can learn and lessons can be tailored to move at a pace that is comfortable for you and your partner. There are no contracts and no minimum number of lessons is required. We have a flexible schedule and can work to accommodate your busy schedule. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, lessons can currently be done outdoors. Our goal is to be able to have lessons indoors, but to help reduce risk of asymptomatic spread, masks would be required.

Private ballroom dance lessons are also available as crash courses that can be used in preparation for a wedding or special event. For wedding preparation, we can take the music you have selected for your first wedding dance and teach specific steps that can be used to make that first dance memorable for both you and your guests.

Private lessons cost $50 per 55-minute lesson for a couple or for an individual. There is an additional cost of $25 for each additional person.

All serious dancers are urged to take an occasional private lesson. Dancers are always learning: steps, style, and technique. During a private lesson, we can address any problems you may be having individually and help you feel correct movement. Looking good on the dance floor is more than just knowing the steps. Private dance lessons provide time to add style or improve technique, both which are as important as the footwork. The right combination is what makes a good dancer. At the Wrainbow, we integrate all facets to make your dancing fun and graceful.

All of the Wrainbow instructors are available to teach private dance lessons. You can call 309.824.4007 to set up a private dance lesson or email for more information and to set up a private lesson for you and your partner.

  • Wayne Wright, Owner/Instructor (309)824-4007
  • Jennifer Wright, Instructor